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We all know that losing teeth can affect your ability to chew. What is often overlooked is the effects that tooth loss has on your physical appearance. The most likely lost teeth are the 6-year molars. This is because they are the permanent teeth that are in your mouth the longest. If these teeth are lost, the adjacent and opposing teeth tend to migrate into the missing space. This creates unfavorable bone architecture and difficult areas to cleanse.

The downward spiral progresses from that point on. As the molars are lost, we tend to put undue occlusal stress onto the premolars and anterior teeth. This leads to them being more susceptible to fracture and also causes the anterior teeth to flare outwardly and become mobile. Saving your teeth can clearly lead to prevention of further tooth loss.

The shocking reality of tooth loss is shown in the images above. When posterior support is no longer present, the bite collapses and the face begins to sag. This leads to more wrinkles around the lips and cheeks. When teeth are no longer present, the alveolar bone that once supported them has no more function. Much like atrophy of an arm under a cast, the bone will go away since it is not being used. This consequence will reduce the jaws to a thinned out sliver of bone. This causes a collapsed facial appearance, an aged look, and continued wrinkling of the face. The jaw will be more likely to fracture from trauma due to it's thinness.

Your first set of permanent teeth are given to you for free. The cost of losing them can be grave. Your appearance and quality of life will suffer. We want to help you before this becomes a reality. At Marion Dental Group, we believe in preventive dental care. We will do everything we can to help you prevent or stop this progression. Give us a call today!

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